Poverty and Injustice Conference

Sponsored by Central Pennsylvania Consortium, The Human Rights Initiative (THRI), WorldVision, and Free the Slaves

Event Occurs:

Friday, April 1, 2011-Sunday, April 3, 2011




On behalf of The Human Rights Initiative (THRI) at Franklin & Marshall College located in historic Lancaster, PA, it is our pleasure to invite you to the first annual Poverty and Injustice Conference. We would like to join together with other student leaders from colleges and universities in the northeast to facilitate unity in thought and action in addressing Human Rights issues in the world and in America today. 


As part of the Human Rights Initiative (THRI), one thing that we have learned throughout the past semester is that there are so many people, especially students, who want to take action and address human rights issues; however, we tend to limit our focus to our own individual projects and efforts. Imagine if we could gather all of these leaders in one place to think critically and collectively about how to best address these issues. Imagine the possibilities for change if each student brought these new ideas and resources back to their own campus. We all have many of the same desires, the same dreams, and the same passions, but too many times we try to tackle the same issues using our own methods. This conference has the potential to serve as a means of bringing our efforts together to achieve the same goals. The purpose of this conference will be to equip these student leaders with the proper resources, relationships and skills to invoke change both now and in the future. We, as students, make up the next leading generation of this country, and therefore our responsibility is to be aware and prepared to properly address these issues individually and collectively, especially as they relate to political advocacy.



Friday, April 1, 7:30 pm

Shamere McKenzie was an average American student attending a New York college when she was convinced by a “gorilla pimp” to strip to make extra money. He soon began to beat her and forced her into prostitution, and eventually into helping him traffic other minors into prostitution. Shamere is now a sex-slave survivor in the United States, and will be speaking at the Poverty & Injustice Conference about her experience, and how she was able to overcome it and become a spokesperson against trafficking.

Alumni Sports Fitness Center, F&M Campus


Saturday, April 2, 8:00 pm

Justin Dillon is a musician and activist.  His band, Tremolo, was featured on television shows, “The Mountain” and “North Shore,” as well as a variety of MTV shows including Pimp My Ride and Newlyweds. After their 2005 album, Tremolo decided to donate fifty percent of the royalties to charities selected by their fans. While touring Russia, Dillon came across the issue of Human Trafficking and was inspired to help these women not get roped into trafficking. He began to host benefit concerts and eventually created a “rockumentary” called CALL RESPONSE. Dillon and the film have been featured on CNN, Today Show, MSNBC, Dr. Phil Show, LA Times and the Washington Post, along with speaking engagements at the White House, Department of State and the United Nations. Call Response has now started a movement against human trafficking, empowering their viewers to demand SLAVEFREE products from corporations and speak out about this important issue.  

Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium, Kaufman Hall, F&M Campus


Sunday, April 3rd, 10:00 am

Jan Goodwin is an author and investigative journalist with a focus on war, conflict and human rights, women’s issues and the Islamic world. Her journalistic career has been committed to focusing on social justice and human rights both international and domestic. Goodwin is the recipient of three Amnesty International UK Media Awards, and served on the White Houses National Cambodia Crisis Committee. She won a Claron for an anti-child pornography series, two Emmas for political coverage, the World Hunger Award and is a Soros Foundation Media Fellow. Jan also started and ran the U.S. Save the Children’s multi-million humanitarian program in Peshawar for war-torn Afghanistan for four years.

Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium, Kaufman Hall, F&M Campus


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